My Story

SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant & Lecturer

This story begins in London, it was 1997 and I was 16 years old.

I remember one afternoon going to visit my aunt with the rest of my family, and whilst sitting in her living room I suddenly noticed the house was filled with boxes that looked ready to be sent out for delivery.

I went on to find out that she had started selling products online with her boyfriend. Checking out their website and asking some questions on how it was built, I instantly became hooked. I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities.

I went home that day and instantly started teaching myself web design – photoshop, adobe dreamweaver, books on HTML and messing around with all aspects of the internet.

Months later my dad received a call from my school telling him I hadn’t been in attendance for the last 3 months. Luckily for me he didn’t kill me, but actually ended up supporting my efforts and I began building websites for small, local businesses.

From there I went on to create one of the first cellphone e-commerce websites in the UK before moving to IPC Media to work on the web team at Loaded Magazine.

In 2002 I went on a group trip to Israel, visiting some family along the way. It was an amazing trip and I just couldn’t face going back to a 9-5 in grey old London. So I took a bag, my laptop and a little cash and moved over to sunny Tel Aviv, knowing I could make a living anywhere that had an internet connection.

I carried on building websites but quickly had customers asking me how they could actually get more users onto their site. This was when I started reading up on SEO and other forms of internet marketing.

Soon after I landed a job working from Tel Aviv for a London based SEO agency, I was lucky enough to get a solid education providing services for UK companies like Betfair and Totesport before co-founding my own boutique digital marketing agency that focused on international customers and websites.

In 2016 we sold our company, 3 Door Digital to an Israeli based agency called Angora Media Group, they had a need for native English services and I moved in-house there to manage the international SEO department, soon after I became the Head of SEO for the entire company and then the the ‘Operations Lead & Global Head of SEO & PPC’ with a focus on innovation and strategy across all clients, sales and tech teams.

In 2022 it was clear I needed a new challenge, and made the move to iTech Media as the Global Head of SEO & Digital PR.

iTech specialises in providing web users with carefully curated content and information – delivering truly incredible web experiences. Our fantastic SEO and Digital PR team work tirelessly alongside product, design, content, delivery and 
engineering teams to continue growth across our industry-leading portfolio.

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